Olympia was founded in 1970 by Mantzur Hassidim, and specializes in the importation and marketing of various types of flexible floor coverings.

The Company imports the leading European brands and offers an extensive and impressive array of solutions for both the public/institutional sector and the private/domestic sector.
Our products range includes the highest quality laminate parquet flooring in a wide variety of colors, designs, durability levels and more – all in accordance with the designation and need, natural wood parquet, both solid and three-ply, wall-to-wall carpeting, felt carpeting, domestic and industrial PVC, shading products, living room carpets, synthetic grass, wallpaper and more.

The Company’s activity is diverse and multilevel
The Project Department handles architects, contactors, developers and others, with professionalism and skill, and specializes in providing unique solutions with an emphasis on speed and quality of service, utilizing the vast experience that has been acquired by its staff.

The Retail Department markets the Company’s products to over 200 franchisees throughout Israel, from Eilat in the south to the Golan Heights in the north. The well-oiled Logistics Department provides outstanding service to its customers, from supplying the products efficiently to installations.

Our customers include the Isrotel Hotel chain, the Holiday Inn chain, many hotels throughout Israel, many public institutions, hospitals, the Prime Minister’s Office, government ministries, the ICC Jerusalem International Convention Center, interior decorators firms and architects firms, contractors, as well as many public and private organizations.

The Company’s products bear the standards mark issued by the Standards Institution of Israel and its European counterpart and are fireproof in accordance with their purpose.
Quality control and service at Olimpia is extremely high. Installations are performed by the Company’s teams, in accordance with the Company’s stringent standards in terms of high quality service, adherence to timetables that are coordinated with the customer and uncompromising supervision of the quality of performance and service. The Company’s customers enjoy a maximum and comprehensive warranty that covers both the product and the quality of the installation.

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